My 12 favorites of 2012

My 12 favorites of 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone! If you are going out, please be careful!!

1. The birth of my baby girl on 1/6/2012


2. Turning 28 on 1/3/2012 – I thought I was going to be sharing my birthday with Miss K but she had other plans. I am totally looking forward to 29 (this year) & 30 (next year).

3. Spending 3 months at home with Keely and loving every minute of it. I was so happy my career gave me the ability to be off for 3 month while still getting paid.

4. Having my mom babysit Keely while I went back to work. The hubby and I are very lucky to have a such an amazing babysitter. I love the fact that Keely is close to my mom as I was very close to my Grandma.

5. Seeing my little girl with her Daddy. She is def a Momma’s girl but boy, does she have fun & love Daddy.

6. Enjoying Keely’s first Easter with my parents and seeing her “find” eggs in the morning.


7. Going to California for work but being able to stay out there a little longer to have a mini vacation with my favorites!

8. Many trips to the park with Keely. She loves the swings and can’t wait till this summer since she is already running all over the place.

9. Going to Keely’s first Chicago White Sox Game – she loved Southpaw


10. Enjoying 4 wonderful married years with my Babs.

11. Hosting Thanksgiving & seeing Keely enjoy eating the turkey & sweet potatoes.

12. Keely’s first Christmas and being able to spend it with my wonderful family.

I hope you all can think back and remember your 12 favorite things of 2012. This coming year, I am going to start a jar full of our favorite things that happen in 2013 then re-read them all on NYE. Yes, it’s a pinterest find…

Well here’s to 2013!! Cheers!!

Snow, Snow, SNOW!!

Snow, Snow, SNOW!!

Finally, there is snow on the ground. There isn’t much but I can’t wait to take Keely outside this afternoon to play in it sit in it. I wish we would get a little more but I am happy with a little dusting.

Can you believe that NYE is Monday, WOW!! We started taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday, yes, a little earlier than I usually like to take them down but we are gearing up for her birthday party next Saturday. Today or tonight, I am planning to take down our Christmas tree since we have her 1 year photo shoot and I would like more room. I will miss the Christmas tree and lights but so looking forward to this coming year.

We have so many things that will be happening the next few months so I am excited to start the new year. It’s weird to thinking that last year at this time, we were just sitting and waiting for baby to arrive. We were talking last night about NYE and thinking about what we want to do. We usually have a party at our house as we don’t like fighting the crowds downtown. This year, we won’t be having a party so we are thinking of grabbing dinner & drinks then coming back to our house to do the countdown with my parents since they will most likely be babysitting for us. Champagne, comfy clothes, and my sweets, sounds like a great NYE to me.

Well I am off to eat some lunch and wait for Miss K to get up from her nap so that we can go play in the snow!! Have a great day & happy Friday!!


Christmas Recap 2012

Christmas Recap 2012

Well Christmas has come and gone in a flash. Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning & afternoon…


Keely opening a gift from Santa & Seamus (our elf) on Christmas Eve


Wow, Santa came and of course, Summer needs to check it out


Keely with her new phone


Taking a ride in her new wagon


Mommy, Daddy & Keely


The penguin is a HIT!!


Cousins, I have the BEST!!

Christmas Eve was nice a relaxing with mass at 3pm (Keely did good but spent most of her time in the hallway running up and down the hall with Daddy. Then we came home and had dinner and opened up a gift from Santa & Seamus. They left us some jammies, a Christmas book and a Santa doll. Keely went down to bed around 7:30 and we watched Love Actually then Home Alone. After we went to bed, Santa came and dropped off some very fun things for all of us.

Christmas morning started early (Keely must be either sprouting some molars or going through a growth spurt as she’s been up a whole hour earlier then before the past three days) so we got our milk & coffee (for the adults) then proceeded to open presents. I loved the fact that she took a liking to the penguin since it’s her favorite. Once we were finished with presents, we had some breakfast – cinnamon rolls (Keely got one without frosting), fruit and bacon. We then played with all the new toys until naptime. Once she was up from her nap, we headed over to my parents. WOW, Grandma & Grandpa Santa were VERY good to Keely. I am thinking next year we will be doing (2 things) what I need, want, wear & read because baby girl has got a lot of toys.

After we opened presents with G&G, we hung out and waited for the rest of the family to come. It was a great Christmas with everyone and so happy that Keely is surrounded by so much love. I really do have one of the best families and so happy I get to see them often. Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your families. I am hoping to learn some more things about blogging today & maybe get some recipes up here.


Very Jane Giveaway

Very Jane Giveaway

Check out the link below for a giveaway that Very Jane is giving away. is an awesome website that send you daily deals and let me tell you if I could buy EVERYTHING they send me everyday, I totally would do it. I have already bought two necklaces and I LOVE them so much. Make sure to check out their website and the giveaway.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! It’s been a busy morning already and the day has really just begun. I got up early to get in my workout and shower before Miss K wakes up. When I got up, I saw that our Elf Seamus has gone back to the North Pole today and left a sweet little message for Keely on our countertop plus a gift for all of us.



Anyways, going back to the weekend…we had our first baking day with my mom and Keely plus Bobby helped as well. It was fun to bake cookies again together & stuff our face with homemade frosting, sugar cookie dough (I know it’s bad) and fudge. Let’s not forget the pizza & beer we enjoyed while the cookies were baking & cooling. All and all, it was a great little Friday.


Saturday, we just laid low as Keely was a little off (more teeth – grand total 7) and needed her mommy most of the day so we just watched movies & did some laundry. Yesterday, Keely and I ran to the store to pick up some last minute things for Christmas then came home and watched the Bears game.

Today is going to involve any last minute preps before Christmas morning, Christmas Eve mass at 3pm then coming home for dinner, movie & jammies. I cannot wait to see Keely open presents tomorrow morning and see how she reacts to all her presents. I am so happy that she is walking because we have nominated her as gift giver for Christmas (the one who gives everyone their presents…ha-ha). We were practicing last night and she did very well.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve. If you are traveling, be safe! Ho-Ho-Ho!!


Christmas Time!!

Christmas Time!!

Happy Friday & Happy Four More Days Till Christmas!! I wanted to join in on the Holiday fun with some questions from one of my favorite bloggers (Julie).

Favorite Holiday Cookie

Either regular sugar cookies with frosting & sprinkles or the Devil’s Food Cake Cookie, YUM!

Favorite Holiday Song

I have two favorites, All I want for Christmas is you & The Christmas Song. I sang the first song everyday last year to the little nug in the belly hoping she would be my Christmas present but she had other plans.

Favorite Holiday Movie

Again, I have two…Home Alone & Christmas Vacation.


Tree – real or fake?

As much as I would love a real tree, we have always gotten fake trees and I love my tree this year.

Favorite Holiday Tradition

This is a tough one as there are so many that my family created and now we will be starting our own and continuing the favorite ones.

Favorite Holiday Meal

Whatever my mom plans for dinner. This year, we will be having ham, pasta & fun sides…YUM (again)

Favorite Person to Shop For

Usually either my mom or hubs but this year it’s been Keely girl!


Favorite Way to Open Presents

This year, we will be taking turns opening presents at home but focusing more on Keely opening presents then once we go to my parents (late morning) we will just take turns again opening presents. We will also do a white elephant with my family which is always a good time.

If you would like to comment with your favorite question, I would love to hear your responses.


PS. Gotta go get ready for a baking day with my mom and Keely (starting a new tradition…:))