Oh, Today…

Oh, Today…

Today started out really good as it was my first day of vacation and I was so excited to spend the day with the little one then I found out my hubby was going to be home and that added some more excitement. We had to deal with some hurtful stuff (family drama) but after feeling my blood pressure go up and down and crying, I thought to myself, I can’t let this bother me because it can always be worse. I think back to last Friday and can’t imagine my life without my baby girl or hubby or parents. Sometimes you just have to rise above things.

Can you believe that Christmas is in 5 days…YAY!! Our elf on the shelf (well, actually Christopher Pop-In-Kins) reminded us of that fact. Yes, we have joined the club with the whole elf on the shelf thing and the hubby and I are finding it more entertaining then the little one since she is still too young. Our little elf’s name is Seamus. It was the hubs favorite name when we were deciding baby names and luckily, for me, we had a girl! 🙂

Anyways, I am starting to learn more things about this whole blogging thing and was given the wonderful advice about Windows Live Writer, thanks Brittany. Once I learn more, I will post more pictures and put up some link. For now, I will leave you with a picture of my nug!!



PS. Hey Chicago peeps, how excited are you for snow?!? I am very excited!! 🙂


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