Snow, Snow, SNOW!!

Snow, Snow, SNOW!!

Finally, there is snow on the ground. There isn’t much but I can’t wait to take Keely outside this afternoon to play in it sit in it. I wish we would get a little more but I am happy with a little dusting.

Can you believe that NYE is Monday, WOW!! We started taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday, yes, a little earlier than I usually like to take them down but we are gearing up for her birthday party next Saturday. Today or tonight, I am planning to take down our Christmas tree since we have her 1 year photo shoot and I would like more room. I will miss the Christmas tree and lights but so looking forward to this coming year.

We have so many things that will be happening the next few months so I am excited to start the new year. It’s weird to thinking that last year at this time, we were just sitting and waiting for baby to arrive. We were talking last night about NYE and thinking about what we want to do. We usually have a party at our house as we don’t like fighting the crowds downtown. This year, we won’t be having a party so we are thinking of grabbing dinner & drinks then coming back to our house to do the countdown with my parents since they will most likely be babysitting for us. Champagne, comfy clothes, and my sweets, sounds like a great NYE to me.

Well I am off to eat some lunch and wait for Miss K to get up from her nap so that we can go play in the snow!! Have a great day & happy Friday!!



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