My 12 favorites of 2012

My 12 favorites of 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone! If you are going out, please be careful!!

1. The birth of my baby girl on 1/6/2012


2. Turning 28 on 1/3/2012 – I thought I was going to be sharing my birthday with Miss K but she had other plans. I am totally looking forward to 29 (this year) & 30 (next year).

3. Spending 3 months at home with Keely and loving every minute of it. I was so happy my career gave me the ability to be off for 3 month while still getting paid.

4. Having my mom babysit Keely while I went back to work. The hubby and I are very lucky to have a such an amazing babysitter. I love the fact that Keely is close to my mom as I was very close to my Grandma.

5. Seeing my little girl with her Daddy. She is def a Momma’s girl but boy, does she have fun & love Daddy.

6. Enjoying Keely’s first Easter with my parents and seeing her “find” eggs in the morning.


7. Going to California for work but being able to stay out there a little longer to have a mini vacation with my favorites!

8. Many trips to the park with Keely. She loves the swings and can’t wait till this summer since she is already running all over the place.

9. Going to Keely’s first Chicago White Sox Game – she loved Southpaw


10. Enjoying 4 wonderful married years with my Babs.

11. Hosting Thanksgiving & seeing Keely enjoy eating the turkey & sweet potatoes.

12. Keely’s first Christmas and being able to spend it with my wonderful family.

I hope you all can think back and remember your 12 favorite things of 2012. This coming year, I am going to start a jar full of our favorite things that happen in 2013 then re-read them all on NYE. Yes, it’s a pinterest find…

Well here’s to 2013!! Cheers!!

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