How Can It Be…

How Can It Be…

It’s Wednesday already? Being that NYE & New Year’s Day were in the beginning of the week, I am totally thrown off plus the fact that Bob has been home which I am not use too. I am going to start “What I ate Wednesday” starting next week as I must remember to take pictures throughout the day (complete fail for me but I’ll get better).

New Year’s Day started off pretty good, well, except for the whole 4 hours of sleep. Keely and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together then just played all morning. Someone wanted to continue the NYE party so decided that napping was uncool. After we attempted a nap, we decided to go to the mall. Keely got a gift card for Build-A-Bear so we went there and got her first BAB made which was a lot of fun. I also got my rings cleaned and now they sparkle again!! Lastly, we ran to Party City since baby girl’s birthday party is on Saturday. I have just about everything but planning to run to the store for some other things.

The rest of the day was spent eating some apples & almond butter, should I say Chocolate Almond Butter (I heart Justin’s Nut Butter) and watching college football. We were all pretty tired so dinner happened earlier than normal as well as bedtime.

Today, I just have plans to hit up the gym for a leg workout then start the cleaning process for her party. Our friend is also looking at my car as we are having some issues. It’s good to know the right people…ha-ha. Well I hope your 2013 has started in the right direction.



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