She’s a cheesehead!!

She’s a cheesehead!!

Happy Thursday to you & Happy Birthday to me…YAY for 29!!

So this is my first linking up to Brittany’s Munchkin Meals at and I am super excited.

Keely is going to be a year on Sunday. We started with solids (rice cereal) around 4.5-5 months then once she was 6 months started incorporating baby-led. It took her awhile to learn how to feed herself and she still likes to “give” some of her food to the kitties.


For Breakfast (which is usually around 8:15am), it’s usually multi-grain O’s from Trader Joes while I am working on her plate. She eats anything from blueberry waffles, pancakes with peanut butter, scrambled eggs with some cheese & spinach, toast with peanut butter & jelly, oatmeal, or banana bread. She is a HUGE blueberry fan so every morning we get blueberries and I’ll throw in a banana too. She also now gets about 4oz of whole milk as soon as she gets up and water throughout the day. The girl loves her water!


(Keely saying, okay Mom, enough with the camera)

She still has a 6oz bottle around 10:30am before her morning nap so lunch usually happens 12:30pm and it consists of peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, yogurt melts, cheese & turkey quesadilla, egg salad, or a fruit smoothie. If she doesn’t eat that much during lunch usually within an hour or so, I’ll give her some snacks which is either a fruit-veggie pouch, string cheese (she flips out when she sees the string cheese – cheese lover like her mommy)or some puffs & yogurt melts. Again, she has her water all day long.


Dinnertime usually happens around 4:30-5:00 and it’s usually whatever we are eating or chicken & veggies. Last night, we had burgers so we made a small burger for K but she is more of a chicken lover than anything. Once she throw all the meat on the floor, I knew it was time to get her some chicken. So for dinner she had chicken with cheese (again, she loves her cheese) with some green beans. She also snagged some of Daddy’s fries.

I am trying to incorporate more and more different foods & flavors to her life. Hopefully now that I will be home more and planning out her meals, she will be able to experience all types of foods. Does your little one like cheese? If no little one, are you a cheese lover?



4 thoughts on “She’s a cheesehead!!

  1. My daughter loves blueberries, too! She’s now almost 3 and they are still her favorite food. Cheese is hit or miss. Keely is adorable!

  2. Our oldest son (now 6) was never big on cheese when he was little, but he loves string cheese now! What age can they start with the dairy foods, cheese, yogurt, etc??

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