The Year of 29

The Year of 29

Happy Friday!! This week has been so crazy due to new year’s being on a Tuesday. I always seem to forget about Holidays when they are in the beginning of the week. Anyways, yesterday was my birthday and it was the best birthday! I think it had something to do with a little lady whom I spent my day with.

Last year at this time, I had a doctor’s appointment which gave me an end date, 8 days past my due date but our little munchkin decided to come 5 days past my due date which was much better. Yesterday, Miss Keely decided to sleep until about 8:00AM (she is usually up by 7:15-7:30AM) so I just did some work and got breakfast ready. Once she was up, we said “hello” to everything in her room then proceeded into the family room to play & drink some milk. We had our breakfast around 8:40ish and sang a whole bunch of songs. After breakfast we played, read books, & hugged it out. She had her bath around 10am since I knew we would be out for dinner and didn’t want to rush everyone. She is really loving the morning baths. She went down for a nap and I finished getting ready (putting on a little makeup).

When Bob got home, I opened my presents which were two gift cards, the hubs was REALLY listening when I said I needed some new jeans & another crossbody purse & some shoes. I am super excited to go shopping and hopefully can get there this weekend. My parents met us at Buffalo Wild Wings, because it wouldn’t be my birthday without some Bdubs!  We came back to the house for some cake donuts and I opened up my other presents. All and all, it was a great day and I couldn’t ask for better parents, hubby or little girl (as well as kitties)!

Today is dedicated to getting the house prepared for Keely’s 1st Birthday party which is tomorrow. I will be cleaning all day and hope Keely is ready to vacuum…ha-ha. Once Bobby gets home, I will be running to the store to pick up the last few things we need for tomorrow. I am so excited to spend Keely’s special day with our family & close friends. I will make sure to take lots of pictures and have a post dedicated to the party next week. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday & great weekend.

Thinking about doing some a fun post on Fridays, what do you think about a FFF Friday (Fashion, Food, & Fitness)? If not, give me some suggestions.



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