Keely: Month 12

Keely: Month 12

I wanted to join the other momma’s on here that do monthly updates but I started my blog a month before Keely’s first birthday so I am just going to do it quarterly this year.


How Is Keely Measuring?

Height/Weight: 18.5lbs & 28.5inches (she had her 12 month appt yesterday and yes, she’s a small one but is in the 25 percentile which is good)

Clothes: 12-18 months (some 9 month still as well)

Shoes: size 2.5-3

Teeth: 7 going on 8

Personality: She is a blast! She loves being with family & friends. She is a little shy in the beginning but within about 5-10 minutes, she will be your best friend. She loves kids and kids of all ages. She also loves her kitties (even though she is not their favorites all the time) and she loves my parent’s dog as well.

Eating: She def likes food and likes to eat what we are eating. I call her my blueberry head as she would eat them all day long (which I guess is a good thing).


Talking: She calls just about dada which I am hoping she starts calling me mama very soon. She also says nana, baba, & lala but we are not sure what they mean. She is always blabbing to her toys and in her crib but again, hoping this month we start to learn more words.

Sleeping: She is sleeping from 7:15PM-7:30-8:00AM and is taking one day a day usually around 10:30AM but we might see about pushing her nap to  after lunch this month.

Playing: She loves to keep busy and now that she is walking is non-stop all the time. She loves books & puzzle but has really grown to like her new stuffed animals & baby dolls. I love watching her walk around with her baby doll and put either her penguin or baby doll in the carseat and rock them…too cute!


She has grow so much in the past three months and I love watching her grow & learn. Keely, I am so thankful to be your momma!! I love you so much!

What is something your little one does that makes you laugh?



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