Trainer Tip Thursday

Trainer Tip Thursday

I thought it would be fun if my trainer/hubby did a little bi-weekly post on his favorite training tip and/or workouts. He is going to give me some workouts this weekend to put on here as well. Bobby has been a Personal Trainer for about 7 years now. He currently works at Lifetime Fitness and has a great client base. It is def a passion of his and he loves seeing his clients healthy & happy. So here are his four five trainer tips for you all…


Tip 1: Know what phase you are in, it’s not always 3 sets of 12

Tip 2: Lunges are a glute exercise, if you are feeling your quads or knees then you are doing something wrong

Tip 3: if you are at the gym and don’t know how to do something then don’t do it, ask a trainer for assistance if you want to try something new

Tip 4: Everyone’s body is different, just cause your friend lost 20 pounds taking group fitness classes doesn’t mean you will, figure out what works best for your body.

Fitness & health are both very important to Bob and I but  we are not going to deprive ourselves of other luxuries 🙂  Learning how to balance healthy living and fun is key, cause we both love beer and chocolate too 🙂

If any of you have any questions regarding fitness, please let me know as I can always ask Bob but remember always consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

What is your favorite workout/exercise? Mine is turbo fire or squats.



One thought on “Trainer Tip Thursday

  1. Thanks for the tip on feeling it in the quads and especially the knees.  Now I know your Mother was doing or still is doing something wrong. well not to mention old age has creeped up on me….:-)

    Great Post!!


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