Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Everyone! Wow, what a week and weekend it was at the Cassidy household. Tuesday was my first day back in the office so I was a little extremely bummed to leave the little one again but knew she was in good hands with my mom. I am working in the office three days a week until the association gets a new CEO then I will become a contractor for them. Anyways, Tuesday, had a lot of catching up and people congratulating me about my part-time hours which was very nice.

Wednesday started what ended up being a VERY long week & weekend. I got a call from my mom once I got to work saying that Keely had thrown up in her crib. I felt horrible that I wasn’t there and that I didn’t go in right away when I heard her making some noise at 5am. Sometimes she will make a little noise when she is sleeping and I know not to go in because she will wake up right away. This was the time I should’ve gone in but you know what they say, “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”. I know now to go with my gut instinct.

So anyways, my parents took Keely back to their house and she ended up getting sick again so I left work to be with her. She didn’t get sick much after we left my parents but she wasn’t really eating or drinking anything. Bob and I did whatever we needed to, to make sure she was staying hydrated and resting. Thursday started out good except for me not feeling very well while I was on the treadmill but I ignored it and kept jogging. Once I got to work, I ended up getting sick in the bathroom and it didn’t stop. I left work again to go home so that I didn’t get anyone else sick and walked into a baby that just throw up all over my family room, poor thing.

So Thursday was the day that I relied on my parents & Bob to take care of Keely and I. I was so sick and the only thing I could think of was. “Will I ever get better?” Well Friday came and I was feeling better but now I had a husband that was sick. So all and all, we passed that horrible stomach flu around and let me tell you, it’s not fun. My mom is dealing with it now and I feel so bad. Get better soon Patty Poo!!

I ended up taking off from blogging on Friday as I couldn’t really think about what to post and was recovering & caring for my sweets. I completely forgot to post about Keely’s 1st Birthday so that will be my post for Tuesday. Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and PLEASE stay away from anyone that is sick.



One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Great Post! Too bad alot had to do with the flu..yuk! First time your Mom’s been on the computer in days!


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