What I Ate Wednesday – Taco Night

What I Ate Wednesday – Taco Night

Hello, Wednesday! It’s been another crazy week but that’s always a good thing. I am looking forward to Friday and doing mine & Keely’s weekly Target shopping! Yes, I am obsessed with Target. I am also planning to hit up DSW with a gift card to get a pair of either gray flats or brown pumps and a tan crossbody purse. Anyways, let’s get to the food…

6:00AM Breakfast – Green Smoothie (power greens – kale, spinach & chard, frozen bananas, vanilla protein powder, TBSP of oatmeal & some ice)


Oh, green smoothie, how I love thee – sorry, I went a little crazy with it before I actually took the picture.

9:30AM (midmorning snack) – Greek yogurt with chia seed granola & strawberries & blueberries with a  little Chocolate Almond Butter (I am obsessed with Justin’s)


12:30PM (Lunch) – Deli Chicken wrap with cheese & greens, edamame & hummus w/pita chips (shared with Keely)


4:30PM (Dinner) – Taco night (ground meat with greens, tomatoes & cheese) and some chips.


All and all it was a good eating day but let’s not forget the few bites of Keely’s banana muffin I had this morning plus the piece of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate after dinner. I also drank LOTS of water and a glass of Yogi green tea. Speaking of Yogi green tea, I heart it and will leave you with this…The universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by your heart.


Do you indulge a little bit after dinner? I usually like a small piece of chocolate after dinner.



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