Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

Do you ever have a day or week where you just really want a drink? Yesterday was one of those days but I didn’t partake in having an adult beverage. Usually when I am craving alcohol, I don’t always know what I want to drink. Last night, I really wanted a rum and coke, which is very strange for me.

I have recently liked having a glass of wine here and there but right now, wine isn’t doing it for me. When I go out, it’s beer. If you ask anyone, they would probably tell you that I am a beer girl which is true, especially in the summer months. Who doesn’t love an ice cold one on a hot summer day. Last summer, Bob and I enjoyed many nights outside on the patio with our beers (of course, once Miss K went to bed) but in cold weather, I kind of like harder alcohol, is that weird?

Anyways, here are some of my favorite drinks…


*Sam Adams IPA – A beer I can drink all year long

*Sam Adams Oktoberfest – My fall beer (but I also like Pumpkin Beer as well)

*Red Moscato – It’s a sweet red which I really like

*Relax Riesling – one of my favorite Rieslings out there

Who could forget…


The classic Rum & Coke (or as my husband drinks – Rum & Dr. Pepper which is DELISH!)

I don’t drink a lot anymore, well, I never really drank a lot but on the weekends, I for sure had fun…ha-ha. Nowadays, I probably have a drink or two throughout the whole week, if that. Since I have been working from home more I am thinking a glass during the week might be a good thing. Everyone needs to relax a little bit, right?

So now that you know I am wanting a drink, do you want one? I am off to go make myself some peppermint tea…ha-ha…I am starting to get a sore throat and trying to stop it from becoming anything more than a sore throat.


What is your favorite drink of choose?


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