What I Am Loving Friday

What I Am Loving Friday

Happy Friday to you and your sweets! I can’t believe it’s already Friday and that we only have two more weeks of January. So I have been wanting to do something fun on the Friday post. So this week, it’s “What I Am Loving” Friday. Next week might be the same or I might change it up but I hoping to have some fun stuff on Fridays.

First, let’s start out with my obsession to Pinterest. Yes, I know everyone has it and it will probably be old news within the next few months but I am totally loving it. I mostly go on there for recipes & fashion as I am not much of a DIYer but I have tried some stuff and they turned out nice.

Anyways, FASHION! Here are some outfits I am totally loving right now…


The first outfit is perfect for all you moms out there that are running around with your kids. The second one is adorable and I am loving white jeans and need the invest in a pair very soon. I love the third outfit for the spring/summer and need to get myself a navy striped shirt.

Next, HAIR! I am getting my hair cut next Friday and thinking of changing it up…


My hair is down to the middle of my back but I am totally ready for a change.

Lastly, RECIPES! I have been wanting to make the following…


Well actually, the first one I made and it’s delish! I am planning to make the second one this weekend for next week’s breakfast and I think the hubby would really like the third one.

So are you on Pinterest? If so, check out my pinterest… http://pinterest.com/kmcassidy22/. I hope you all have a great weekend.


What are you loving this week? Besides my “sweets”, I am also loving the thought of warming weather, 55-60 would be perfect!


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