Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine went by rather fast but I enjoyed it. Friday, my parents came over and watched Keely while we went downtown to visit a friend. We checked out his new place (which is SWEET) then grab some dinner at a pizza place (DELISH). With our pizza, we had Goose Island Green Line, hello LOVER! Then we hang out at a bar and I enjoyed all night dancing & two cucumber martinis which were SO good. I haven’t nonstop danced like that at a bar in a long time.

Saturday, Keely and I went to Gymboree (she has a new teacher who is awesome) then ran to Trader Joes for our weekly groceries. We have been hit with a picky eater the past two weeks. Really since she had the flu, she isn’t eating what she normally eats so I have to mix things up a bit. I ended up making carrot cake muffins (some had cream cheese frosting for Bob) which has shredded carrots in it. Baby girl is obsessed and will eat it in nothing flat. This week I am planning to make some veggie muffins so that I can get more veggies into Miss K.

The rest of Saturday, we just hang out, started our 90210 DVDs that we got for Christmas. Sunday, Bob went to train a buddy while K & I hung out. I also went to DSW to use up my gift card. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, finishing the laundry and planning the meals for the week. This week is suppose to be cold here which I am not looking forward too but we have been pretty luck with our winter weather this year.

Have a wonderful week!!


Do you have any suggestions/recipes for a picky eater to get more veggies & protein in her?


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