Friday Facts

Friday Facts

It’s Friday, Friday…Welcome to Friday Facts:

1. I love that it’s Friday but hate that it’s so cold outside

2. I am getting my hair cut today and will most likely be going home with hair that looks like this…

3. I officially passed my cold onto Keely, boo to me!

4. We have a family birthday party on Saturday plus Gymboree at 9am (YAY)

5. I am craving some brownies…NO, I am not pregnant!

6. I am meeting a friend for breakfast on Sunday and can’t wait. See you on Sunday, Jo-Jo!

7. I need some new jeans, payday on the 31st (thank god)

8. I am planning to workout both Saturday & Sunday

9. I NEED want a glass of wine tonight…ha-ha

10. Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!



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