Weekend Recap, 2

Weekend Recap, 2

Holy Monday!! It was a rather busy weekend but so much fun!! Friday, I had my hair appt and I am totally LOVING it!! She took off 6.5 inches and put highlights on the top. I don’t think I’ll be growing it out for a long time because right now, I just like it so much. Here is a picture of it…sorry for the creepy face…


The rest of Friday was spent grocery shopping and relaxing at home. Saturday, we had a small family get together to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. Keely had so much fun playing with everyone. Sunday, Keely and I went to breakfast with my friend Joanna and I completely forgot to take a picture of our breakfast, blogger fail! We had a spinach & feta omelet with hash browns & side of pancakes (for Keely to share with me). It was so good catching up with Joanna as we don’t see each other much and I would love for that to change. Once we got home from breakfast we just hung out the rest of the day.

Well it’s time to go make some banana bread & carrot cake muffins for the week. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Join me for the Winter Shape Up with Gina this week.




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