Snow, Snow, Snow…

Snow, Snow, Snow…

Happy Monday Everyone! Did you all have a great weekend? Our weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday, Keely and I were going to go swimming at Lifetime Fitness after Bob got off work but with it being only 12 degrees outside, we took a pass and just hung out at home.

Saturday, we went to Gymboree then did some grocery shopping before her naptime. The rest of Saturday was spent playing and watching lots of The Walking Dead. My cousin gave us Season 1 & 2  to watch and Bob and I are completely obsessed. We are almost done with Season 2 and I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 3. If any of you are watching it, is Season 3 good so far?

Sunday, I got up and worked out before anyone else was up. I like to get it done first thing in the morning so I can spend the rest of the day with my sweets! Once Keely was up and feed, we went outside to play in the snow. This was her first time in the snow and not sure how she really felt about it. While she was napping I ran to do some errands and came home with a hungry belly, ready for some leftover Thai food, YUM! We didn’t do anything for Superbowl Sunday because she goes to bed at 7pm and it’s not that big with us this year.


I have some fun posts & meals planned for the week so make sure to check back. Also, don’t forget to join me for Week 2 of Winter Shape-Up, thanks to Gina.


Did you have a party for Superbowl Sunday?

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