What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I am totally craving some Spring weather and sick of the cold & snow already…ha-ha. So here is what I ate & wore on  Wednesday Tuesday. WIAW


Jeans – AE      Sweater – Target      Boots – Target      Shirt – Target      Scarf – Old Navy

Oh, how I love my mustard sweater!! As you see from above I am rather obsessed with the Target!

Onto my eats for the day…

Breakfast (6:30AM) – Green Monster Smoothie – GET IN MY BELLY!!


Mid-Morning Snack (10:30AM) – Sliced Apples with Almond Butter


Lunch (12:00PM) – Sushi with some co-workers (no picture but I got avocado rolls & spicy tuna)

Pre-Workout Snack (3:00PM) – Larabar (1/2 of it)


Dinner (5:00PM) – Mexican night with some yummy Enchiladas


Dessert – Mini York Peppermint Patty (not pictured because it’s in my belly…ha-ha)

Have a great Wednesday and hope you had some yummy eats yesterday.


What is your favorite Mexican dish?


One thought on “What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

  1. HI Hun, Love the outfit, but of course I saw it in person, but still love it!  Also I’m so proud of you with your blog, but of course I’m ALWAYS proud of you, and I have alot to be proud of….:-)

    Keep up the good work…..You are doing a Fantastic Job!!

    Love you….:-)


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