Recap of 2013 Goals

Recap of 2013 Goals

I wanted to see how I have been doing on my goals that I have made for 2013 since we are now over a month into 2013. So, here are the goals that I have posted by our desk:

Health & Fitness

· Incorporate more yoga & Pilates – doing good with yoga but haven’t been doing a lot of Pilates.

· Eat a more clean diet – I think I’m doing pretty good but def. like to enjoy the sweets here and there.

· Workout at least 5x a week – currently doing Winter Shape-up 2013 Winter Shape-Up

· Take Keely for a walk everyday (once it’s nice outside) – well it’s currently 36 degrees so no outside walks right now.

· Drink more water – YES, YES, YES

· Run a 5k with mom & Bob – no yet

Family & Friends

· See family & friends at least once a month – kinda

· Plan family fun days w/Bob & Keely – YES!!

· Go to the Zoo at least once a month – totally

· “turn off” computer and phone (emails) at 5pm – doing pretty good about this one

· Take Keely to Gymboree once or twice a month (money pending) – yes, sir!

· Put money in savings account for Keely & self – Hello, tax money

· Plan a trip to Colorado & California – not yet

· Date night with Bob – once in January

· Show the cats that we care for them – fail on my part, thinking of giving them away, any takers?


· Start working from home as a contractor with ANFP – not yet, still going into the office 2.5 days.

· Sell at least one ad a month for The Momsay – almost there

· Purchase something from the “want/need” list – Got myself some jeggings from AE

· Go to church at least once a month – fail

· Read three books this year – any good ones out there?

· Learn Woodworks database more & work hard – completed


· Declutter the house once a month – done this twice

· Redo office/play area – a little bit

· Purchase a new desk – again, tax money!!

· Purchase new bedding for master bedroom – still looking

· Donate things we don’t need/use once a month – yes!!

· Take care of car issues – this summer

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!! Cheers!!

What are three goals you have made and completed already?


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