Friday Facts

Friday Facts

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week, I must say, it’s gone by pretty fast. Did you hug your sweets extra long yesterday for Valentine’s Day? I know I did and couldn’t have asked for two better valentines. Now onto my Friday Facts…


*I bought myself a yellow bubble necklace from Very Jane and can’t wait to get it. I think it will be a major staple in my outfits for the spring & summer.

*Here are two outfits I am planning to recreate with my new necklace

"Spring / Summer 2013 Turquoise and Yellow Outfit"

Have a shirt like this and just bought a yellow bubble!

*The toddler tantrums are really starting but after a few seconds, it’s on to something else.

*For Lent, I am going to try to limit desserts (yes, it’s going to be hard). I’m not big on giving something up but I thought I can limit myself to 1-2 desserts a week. Usually my desserts consists of a mini york peppermint patty or piece of TJ’s dark chocolate. Wish me luck!!

*I am planning to do a little shopping this week. I have a gift card to the outlet mall by work so I think I might hit up H&M and/or Forever21. Looking for striped shirts.

*I can’t wait for Spring!

*Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Before I leave, here are some pictures from our Valentine’s Day! Cheers!!


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