Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! Did you all have a good weekend? Ours was nice and I am loving the sunshine we have been getting now we just need some warmer weather. Anyways, this weekend consisted of some grocery shopping, cleaning, Gymboree and a visit from our friend and his daughter. Abby and Keely played so well together and they are nine years apart. Keely loves all kids but she really likes older kids between 6-12 for some odd reason.

I wanted to post some motivational quotes I found on no other than Pinterest because Mondays can be hard for people to get motivated. When I use to work Mondays in the office, I would never get a good night sleep on Sunday and would hate getting up earlier to workout but knew I had to do it. I love being at home on Mondays & Fridays but I still make sure to get up earlier so that I can be ready to go for the day before Keely gets up.

I do most of my weekly planning on Sundays but I am okay if I wait till Monday to figure out the week. So for those of you that have a hard time getting motivated on Mondays, here are some wonderful quotes.

TODAY will be ridiculously amazing!            Motivational Quotes - Google

mary poppins        Today is a gift quotes

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday & week. Cheers!!

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