What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello, Wednesday & another addition of What I Ate Wednesday. Well actually, it’s more like “What I Ate Monday”…the reason you ask, because I had some yummy meals planned for Monday rather than Tuesday. So here are my eats from Monday…

6:30AM – Post Workout (before breakfast with Keely) – Green Tea, Banana with Justin’s Nut Butter

Picture 001

8:30AM – Breakfast with the Munchkin – Scrambled eggs with spinach & cheese, bagel thin with veggie cream cheese, fruit & hot water with honey & ACV (Keely had the same – minus the water w/honey & ACV & yes, that’s cream cheese under her nose…ha-ha)

Picture 003 Picture 002

12:00PM – Oatmeal with protein powder & strawberries plus water. When I am at home, I usually make myself a salad or sandwich but when lunch come around all I could think about was oatmeal. It was DELISH!

Picture 005

4:30PM – Chicken Enchilada Pasta – A wonderful creation I found from Pinterest…Chicken Enchilda Pasta You must try it!

Picture 006

I also had a few handfuls of trail mix plus a few bites of Keely’s pumpkin bread.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Cheers!!


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