Friday Facts

Friday Facts

Happy Friday everyone & Happy almost Easter!! I hope you all had a wonderful week and gearing up for the weekend. I had a rather busy week with traveling again this week for work. I have some exciting things in the works but can’t spill the beans for a few weeks. I do have one exciting thing that happened over the past week, my wonderful friend Stacy told us she was pregnant…YAY!! I had a weird feeling when we went to dinner but she couldn’t tell me then even though I told her that was one of the reason I thought she wanted to grab dinner…ha-ha. Anyways, I am so excited for her and her husband and can’t wait to meet the little “chick” in September. So onto my Friday Facts…

*Easter is Sunday! Looking forward to doing an Easter egg hunt with Keely and wondering what the Easter Bunny will leave for her…;)

*Keely and I will have our weekly Target trip & TJS trip this weekend.

*It’s suppose to be in the 50’s this weekend, YAY!!  Park time!!

*We might go to the Zoo on Saturday

*We are trying the music class at Gymboree on Saturday

*Sunday we are brunching it with the family, love them!!

*Looking forward to spending some quality time with my two favorite sweets who I feel I haven’t really seen this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & Easter (if you celebrate it). Cheers!!

WIAW – Travel Addition, part two

WIAW – Travel Addition, part two

Hello from Houston! As I mentioned on Monday, I am traveling again this week (and next week) for work and this week am in Houston (but only until tonight when I fly home…YAY). I have to say that being in the sky all day on Tuesday, I was afraid that my eats would be horrible but I was able to get some healthy food while in three different airports. SUCCESS! Here is my WIAW, travel addition, part two…

6:00AM (breakfast) – I knew I wanted to give myself enough time to get to the airport early so that I can grab something before boarding the plane. While driving to the airport, I had a tumbler of green tea and a banana.


8:00AM (second breakfast) – Once at the airport and through security, I walked around to see what would be the best option for me. It brought me to Argo Tea. I grabbed a medium chai tea, skim milk (I asked for almond but they didn’t have any, boo!) and chocolate croissant (like they say, When In Rome). It def hit the spot and I was good to go until we were about to land.


12:00PM (snack time) – I grabbed a handful of trail mix while landing to hold me over until I could get lunch before my next flight. (No picture)

12:45PM (Lunch) – The Charlotte airport had a California Pizza Kitchen so I made a quick stop before my next flight. I got their BBQ Chicken Salad and enjoyed it with my bottle of water on the plane. I really have to start making these at home because I love me some BBQ Chicken.


2:30PM (Another snack) – Really, Karen? I don’t know what it is about flying but my appetite goes crazy and I am always hungry so I had half my peanut butter kind bar. (Again, no picture)

5:45PM (Dinner) – After setting up things at Sysco, I grabbed dinner at the hotel. Chicken Ciabatta sandwich, with some cole slaw & chips. I ate almost all of the sandwich and a little bit of the cole slaw and a few chips. I also had water but was tempted by Blue Moon but stayed with water…good girl, Karen.


To end my night, I did a nice 45 minute treadmill workout while reading Beautiful Bastard. Yes, more mommy porn but I have to say this book is a lot better than 50 Shades of Gray. Hope you all had an amazing Wednesday and prepping for the Easter weekend. I’ll be back on Friday with Friday Facts. Cheers!!

Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites

Happy Monday! I hope you and your sweets had an amazing weekend. Since I was traveling last week, I didn’t have much time to write and I totally missed my Friday Favorites so I thought, why not have weekend favorites. Here are some of my favorite things from the weekend…

Favorite Picture – my baby girl falling asleep in my arms with her bedtime bottle (she takes milk/water throughout the day in sippy cups but we will take this bottle away once she hits a year and half)


Favorite Activity – coloring Easter eggs on Sunday


Favorite Meal – Fire Dish from my favorite Thai restaurant & glass of Doggie Style Pale Ale (Delish)


Favorite Outfit – well it’s not really an outfit but I found the following at Kohls and really wish I would’ve gotten them.

White Shorts

Colorblock Bandage Mini

I hope you all have a fun week (last week of March). I am traveling this week again so I will be doing part 2 of my WIAW (travel addition). Cheers!!

What I Ate Wednesday, Travel Addition

What I Ate Wednesday, Travel Addition

Happy Hump Day & WIAW!! I am currently heading back home from Portland, OR where I spent 2 days for a meeting. The one thing I love & hate about my job is traveling. As much as I love traveling, I hate leaving Keely but I know she is in good hands with Grandma & Grandpa. Anyways, my eats while traveling were pretty good. Here is what my plates looked like while running a meeting…

Breakfast (6:30AM) at the hotel – scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, fruit & orange juice (I am still nursing a cold so needed some vitamin C)

Picture 004

Mid-Morning (10:30AM)  a much needed (unpictured) coffee & scone from Sysco (they are hosting our meeting).

Lunch (12:30PM) Sysco gave us an amazing lunch with many different vendors (never happens at these meetings). I tried a bit of everything but the spicy bean veggie burger was hands down the BEST!! I finished the half burger and kale salad stuff. and brownie then called it a day with eating…ha-ha.

Picture 014

Dinner (5:30PM) I ordered room service (Claim Jumper) and it was good but couldn’t finish it all as I think I was still full from lunch.

Picture 019

I also got a workout in on Monday night as the gym at the hotel was nice. Last night, I was exhausted after dinner so went to bed early as I had an early wakeup call today (3AM – yuck)

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Next week, I will be doing WIAW, part 2 of travel addition but part 2 will be airport food, oh boy!! Cheers!

A Little Green…

A Little Green…

Happy Monday to you all! Hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We got a little crazy over here, just kidding, we had a pretty normal weekend. Friday started out with some hot water & honey plus a ACV/water gargle as I was dealing with a sore throat. Once Keely got up we enjoyed breakfast, got ready then headed out the door to G&G house. I had a hair appt so my mom watched Keely then we grabbed lunch and did a little bit of shopping.

Keely was getting a little fussy during the shopping trip so we had to cut it short. Once we got home, I hurried up to make her dinner, grabbed myself a bowl of cereal (I know not a good dinner but I wasn’t that hungry) then we proceeded to have dress up time in her room. Bob didn’t get home till about 6:30ish so he was able to spend a little time with Keely before she headed to bed.

On Saturday, I got up to do a workout (deets below) then had some breakfast before K got up. Once she got up, she had breakfast (her new favorite: multi grain waffle, almond butter/syrup mixture & strawberries with some milk). After breakfast we got ready for Gymboree. I am thinking that she is a little too advanced for her class so next week, we are going to try the 16-24 month class. After Gymboree, we ran to Trader Joe’s and Keely flirted with the cashier…ha-ha.

Bob worked on Saturday so K & I had a mommy/daughter day, playing, napping, and cuddling. Once Bob got home, we ordered a pizza and hung out the rest of the night. Sunday, we had breakfast then waited for the Xfinity guy to arrive, yes, we are getting rid of Uverse, totally sucked for us. After her nap, we went to Target and got a few things. Bob and I enjoyed some Irish beverages (Smithwick’s & Jamo) last night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and doing some cleaning.

I am heading out of town this week for work so Miss K will be staying with Grandma & Grandpa, actually the next few weeks I will be traveling for work, boo, but hopefully it will go fast. I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you for What I Ate Wednesday (travel addition). Cheers!

Workout Details:

*5 minute warm-up

*10 push-ups, 10 squat jumps, 10 db shoulder press, 10 burpees, 10 tricep kickbacks & 10 db squats

*run/job for .25 mile then repeat everything 5 more times

*end with cool down & abs

Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am going to make this short and sweet as I am trying to get things done before K wakes up…

*I have a hair appt today, no length change but really considering putting some red in my hair.

*We have a girl’s shopping day after my hair appt with my mom.

*Saturday = Gymboree & Trader Joe’s

*I took today off from working out today, woke up with a sore throat so thought a rest day would be good.

*Bob wrote me a killer total body/jogging workout that I will be doing tomorrow so I’ll make sure to give you the 411 next week.

*Detox fail = a glass of wine last night, this momma needed it (work stress)

*St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, I might partake in some green beer. I am lucky to be Irish!!

*Traveling for work the next three weeks – busy time for Meeting Planners! Smile

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Hope all you Irish daoine enjoy Sunday, and if you aren’t Irish, well still enjoy a nice Irish beer. “Sláinte!” (Health!/Cheers!)

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.”


Trainer Tip Thursday

Trainer Tip Thursday

Hope you all are having an amazing week and gearing up for the weekend. I am loving that the sun has been shining the past few days. Can’t wait for spring to final get here. Before we get the weekend started, check out some tips & workout suggestions from my favorite trainer…

* It’s all about Pushups, Squats & Lunges – do them!!

* Don’t drink your calories

* You’re going to have bad day, get over it!

* Set realistic goals & be confident

* Have fun working out

* If you don’t have a trainer, you can still be motivated

* Get enough sleep at night

Now for the workout: stability ball workout (start with a 5 minute warm-up & end with 5 minute cool down)

1st Circuit: 12-15 reps, 3x

* Stability Ball Crunches* Stability Ball Bicep Curls * Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

2nd Circuit: 12-15 reps, 3x

* Stability Ball Pushups * Stability Ball Shoulder Press * Stability Ball Ball Pass

3rd Circuit: 12-15 reps, 3x

* Stability Ball Knee-Tuck Crunch * Stability Ball Wall Sit (60 seconds) * Stability Ball Chest Press

I always enjoy working out with our stability ball. There are so many exercises you can do with it and if you haven’t tried it yet, try this workout. I hope you all have a great Thursday and just think…tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Hey-O!! Cheers!!