Friday Facts

Friday Facts

Happy March 1st Everyone! Can you believe it’s March already? I am super excited for March as St. Patrick’s Day is this month, love being Irish. We also have some fun things planned this month plus some of my sweet’s have birthdays are this month as well. Now, onto the facts…

*Again, happy it’s Friday (YAY for WEEKENDS!!!)

*Just about a month away from Opening Day for the Chicago White Sox – I heart Baseball!

*Ordering pizza tonight from one of my favorite places – Jets!!

*Will be doing some grocery shopping with Keely today after her nap

*Going to Gymboree on Saturday plus our weekly Trader Joe’s trip

*I am finally buying a convertible carseat for my car (still have the regular carseat & base). Bob’s car (our family car) already has the convertible seat and Miss K loves it

*Doing some shopping with my cousin Mary Beth on Sunday and can’t wait to get this momma some new clothes (and probably K, too)

*Planning to have a cucumber martini with the Skinny Girl Cucumber vodka Bobby bought me last weekend, if you haven’t tried it, it’s delish but super STRONG!! Here is a recipe to cheers to the weekend…The Starlet

*Gotta do some Pinterest searching for a new yummy dinner recipe for Monday night

*Lastly, shower my two favorite SWEETS (plus the kitties) with lots of attention, hugs & kisses!!

Hope you all have a wonderful & fun weekend. Cheers!!

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