Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday Everyone, yes I am a day late with my weekend recap. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a rather busy weekend which is always a good thing but you hate seeing the weekend end because then it’s back to work reality.

Friday, Keely and I did a little grocery shopping at Super Wal-Mart, wow that place can get me in trouble with all their stuff. I am also helping out the Easter bunny again so I picked up a few things without K seeing them. Bob worked late on Friday so I ordered a pizza for all of us then had a MAJOR dance party with Keely before it arrived. Once Bob got home and Keely was fast asleep we both enjoyed a drink. My drink of the night was a nice Spring IPA from Sam Adams.

IMG_1163 Keely reading her Chicago White Sox book (true Sox fan)

Saturday morning started early with a killer Turbo Fire workout then breakfast and Gymboree. Keely was a ball of energy at class and everyone couldn’t stop laughing as she was very entertaining. After Gymboree we did our weekly Trader Joe’s stop and then it was home for nap. After she got up from her “nap” or lack there of, again ball of energy, we had some lunch, did some cleaning then headed back out to get a new carseat for my car.

Since we were out, we stop at Olive Garden for some dinner. Again, Keely was entertaining the whole restaurant and helped me with my minestrone soup and grilled chicken & risotto (YUM). I also had two glasses of their berry sangria because it’s delish. After dinner, we headed home, gave Keely a bath then it was off to bed for her. Bob and I had a little movie night once she went to bed.

Sunday, I actually slept in and took the day off from working out. Once everyone was up, we enjoyed breakfast together then played until it was naptime. I left right after Keely went down to do some shopping with my cousin Mary Beth. It was a very successful shopping trip and came home with the following: cobalt blue blouse (will look amazing with my yellow necklace, coral blouse (can’t wait to wear with white jeggings in the summer), white jeggings, denim button up shirt and black & white striped shirt. Now I just need a few more staples and I am good to go.

I have a pretty busy week this week plus we have a first birthday party on Saturday. Can’t wait to see Keely play with all the kids. We are suppose to get some snow tomorrow through Wednesday so hopefully it won’t take me very long to get to/from work tomorrow. I have a toddlerhood blog planned for Thursday so be on the lookout for that one.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Cheers!

What was one fun thing you did this weekend?


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