What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Here is another addition of WIAW. I took off last week as my eats weren’t that exciting plus by the time I got home on Tuesday from work, I just wasn’t in the mood to blog. I wanted to make sure I did it this Wednesday as we had a wonderful (new) meal on Monday night. My office was closed yesterday (plus Bob’s clients cancelled so he was home super early) due to the snow storm in Chicago so I was able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with my two favorite sweets!! Enjoy my eats from the day…

What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast – 7:00AM (with Bobby) Bob told me not to eat breakfast (nothing, no tea either) and when he came in the door, he was carrying six Dunkin Donuts & two coffees. I am not much of a coffee drinker but man, DD coffee is the BOMB!! I think I need to purchase some this weekend and have a cup a few times a week.IMG_1182IMG_1181

Mid-Morning Snack – 10:00AM Keely and I shared a green smoothie, she had a cereal bar & I had a spinach muffin (lots of greens)


Lunch – 1:00PM Hardboiled egg on bagel thin with veggie cream cheese & green apple with almond butter


Dinner – 5:00PM Buffalo Chicken sandwiches with homemade chips/fries & IPA (everything was awesome and I think this meal will be making a weekly appearance). I found a couple of Buffalo Chicken recipes on Pinterest but Bob took the lead on this meal and totally rocked it out. So, so good & def had a kick to it. I ended up eating 1.5 mini sandwiches and all of chips/fries.


I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday & have some yummy eats. To end it, I will leave you with our snowman pictures from Tuesday. Cheers!


What meal makes a weekly appearance in your house? Ours is pizza or Thai but now thinking these sandwiches will be the weekly.


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