What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone and here’s to another addition of WIAW. We are on day three of the “detox” program and feeling good. On Monday, I was hungry for dinner rather early and it’s probably due to the lack of carbs I had at lunch. Tuesday, I felt good when I woke up and had some very good eats throughout the day. Bob and I did enjoy some Thai food last night (we made a bet about who Sean would pick and I won so he bought the Thai food). Here is a look at what I ate on Tuesday…

Breakfast (6:15AM)- Green Smoothie (protein powder, spinach, carrots, frozen banana, almond milk & almond butter). I also had my vitamins – multi-vitamin, Biotin, Fish Oil & Evening Primrose Oil.

Picture 003

Mid-Morning Snack (10:00AM) – Apples & Almond Butter (never gets old)

Picture 002

Lunch (12:30PM)- Couscous salad  (couscous, chickpeas, feta cheese & spinach) & greek yogurt (these are delish)

Picture 001

Dinner (4:30PM) – Pad Thai with Tofu (YUM!!)

I also had two glasses of green tea & lots of water. I hope you all have a wonderful “hump” day & enjoy some good, healthy food. Check back tomorrow for Trainer Tip Thursday from good ‘ol B-O-B. Cheers!

Did you watch the bachelor on Monday night? If so, did you choose Catherine? I did!!


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