Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I am going to make this short and sweet as I am trying to get things done before K wakes up…

*I have a hair appt today, no length change but really considering putting some red in my hair.

*We have a girl’s shopping day after my hair appt with my mom.

*Saturday = Gymboree & Trader Joe’s

*I took today off from working out today, woke up with a sore throat so thought a rest day would be good.

*Bob wrote me a killer total body/jogging workout that I will be doing tomorrow so I’ll make sure to give you the 411 next week.

*Detox fail = a glass of wine last night, this momma needed it (work stress)

*St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, I might partake in some green beer. I am lucky to be Irish!!

*Traveling for work the next three weeks – busy time for Meeting Planners! Smile

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Hope all you Irish daoine enjoy Sunday, and if you aren’t Irish, well still enjoy a nice Irish beer. “Sláinte!” (Health!/Cheers!)

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.”



One thought on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Agree! Proud to have the Irish blood in me (thanks to my Mom, your Grandma….:-)
    Hope you feel better! Can’t wait to see you and Ms. K in a few short hours… day!!

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