What I Ate Wednesday, Travel Addition

What I Ate Wednesday, Travel Addition

Happy Hump Day & WIAW!! I am currently heading back home from Portland, OR where I spent 2 days for a meeting. The one thing I love & hate about my job is traveling. As much as I love traveling, I hate leaving Keely but I know she is in good hands with Grandma & Grandpa. Anyways, my eats while traveling were pretty good. Here is what my plates looked like while running a meeting…

Breakfast (6:30AM) at the hotel – scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, fruit & orange juice (I am still nursing a cold so needed some vitamin C)

Picture 004

Mid-Morning (10:30AM)  a much needed (unpictured) coffee & scone from Sysco (they are hosting our meeting).

Lunch (12:30PM) Sysco gave us an amazing lunch with many different vendors (never happens at these meetings). I tried a bit of everything but the spicy bean veggie burger was hands down the BEST!! I finished the half burger and kale salad stuff. and brownie then called it a day with eating…ha-ha.

Picture 014

Dinner (5:30PM) I ordered room service (Claim Jumper) and it was good but couldn’t finish it all as I think I was still full from lunch.

Picture 019

I also got a workout in on Monday night as the gym at the hotel was nice. Last night, I was exhausted after dinner so went to bed early as I had an early wakeup call today (3AM – yuck)

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Next week, I will be doing WIAW, part 2 of travel addition but part 2 will be airport food, oh boy!! Cheers!


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