WIAW – Travel Addition, part two

WIAW – Travel Addition, part two

Hello from Houston! As I mentioned on Monday, I am traveling again this week (and next week) for work and this week am in Houston (but only until tonight when I fly home…YAY). I have to say that being in the sky all day on Tuesday, I was afraid that my eats would be horrible but I was able to get some healthy food while in three different airports. SUCCESS! Here is my WIAW, travel addition, part two…

6:00AM (breakfast) – I knew I wanted to give myself enough time to get to the airport early so that I can grab something before boarding the plane. While driving to the airport, I had a tumbler of green tea and a banana.


8:00AM (second breakfast) – Once at the airport and through security, I walked around to see what would be the best option for me. It brought me to Argo Tea. I grabbed a medium chai tea, skim milk (I asked for almond but they didn’t have any, boo!) and chocolate croissant (like they say, When In Rome). It def hit the spot and I was good to go until we were about to land.


12:00PM (snack time) – I grabbed a handful of trail mix while landing to hold me over until I could get lunch before my next flight. (No picture)

12:45PM (Lunch) – The Charlotte airport had a California Pizza Kitchen so I made a quick stop before my next flight. I got their BBQ Chicken Salad and enjoyed it with my bottle of water on the plane. I really have to start making these at home because I love me some BBQ Chicken.


2:30PM (Another snack) – Really, Karen? I don’t know what it is about flying but my appetite goes crazy and I am always hungry so I had half my peanut butter kind bar. (Again, no picture)

5:45PM (Dinner) – After setting up things at Sysco, I grabbed dinner at the hotel. Chicken Ciabatta sandwich, with some cole slaw & chips. I ate almost all of the sandwich and a little bit of the cole slaw and a few chips. I also had water but was tempted by Blue Moon but stayed with water…good girl, Karen.


To end my night, I did a nice 45 minute treadmill workout while reading Beautiful Bastard. Yes, more mommy porn but I have to say this book is a lot better than 50 Shades of Gray. Hope you all had an amazing Wednesday and prepping for the Easter weekend. I’ll be back on Friday with Friday Facts. Cheers!!


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