Oh, What A Weekend…

Oh, What A Weekend…

Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s Monday already. Did you all have a good weekend? At the Cassidy house, we were pretty busy. I didn’t get home till about 8:30PM on Friday night so K was fast asleep when I got home and I spent about an hour hanging out on the couch with Bob till I called it a night. When my alarm went off at 5:50AM to workout before Keely got up, I pushed snooze then decided to take off as I was exhausted still from my meeting. I usually only take off a day during the week from working out but this past week, I did two days which is fine.

Once Keely got up, we all had breakfast then got ready for Gymboree. Grandma went to Gymboree with us and Keely was excited to show her everything and showoff a little bit. My Dad and Bob went to the White Sox game with my cousins & Uncles so it was a girl’s day at our house. After Gymboree, we did our weekly Trader Joes trip then came home for a snack & milk plus a nap. My Aunt Mo and cousins Mary Beth (Auntie MB), Maggie (Auntie Mags) and Matthew came to hang out with us which was so much fun.

On Sunday, we all slept in (which was nice), I had planned to workout while Keely was napping so I knew I was going to sleep in till about 7:30ish. Keely and I had breakfast together since Bob wasn’t feeling all that well (I guess the boys had a GOOD time at the game). Once breakfast was finished, laundry was started and we were dressed for the day, we headed outside for a little walk and playtime. It was beautiful out on Sunday and we just had to take advantage of it. After Keely’s nap and my workout, we did our weekly Target trip. The rest of Sunday was spent hanging outside a little more, eating Thai food and enjoying the day.

This is my last full three days week at work…Sad smile Next week, I have my last meeting so I have to try and get some stuff wrapped up before I leave for good. I am totally going to miss working at ANFP but this is a good move for me and I’ll be able to be with Keely more which is what I have wanted since she was born. If anyone needs a meeting/event planner or social media coordinator, hit me up!! Smile Before I leave, I wanted to give you a few snap shots from Saturday’s Fun Day!! Have a great week. Cheers!!



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