A Day In The Life…15 Months

A Day In The Life…15 Months

I can’t believe that Keely is three months away from being a year and a half…WOW!! This year is just flying by and now I know what people mean when they say take advantage of each day with your kids because it goes by fast. She is such a little firecracker and every day is something different. We had a doctors appt yesterday so I have her stats…

Weight – 19.5 LBS (25% and yes, she’s a tiny one)/ Height – 30.5 Inches (50%)

Here is what a normal day looks like for us:

5:15AM (4:30AM Office Days) – I wake up, workout, shower & get ready for the day

6:30AM – I do some work at the computer while drinking some tea & eating a banana

7:00-7:15ish – Keely starts to make noise = talk to herself, stuffed animals or just anything really

7:20ish – I go in the room to get her. I usually ask her if she slept well and if she had good dreams. She hands me her lovie, blanket & baby doll then we get a diaper change and call to the kitties.

8:00-8:15ish – I start to make breakfast for the both of us while she dances around or does some sweeping for me…ha-ha.


8:15AM – Breakfast! This is usually Keely’s best meal of the day (just like mommy). She will have one of the following: pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereal, oatmeal or scrambled eggs. The first three are usually dipped in a mixture of peanut butter & yogurt. She will also have some fruit on the side with her milk & water sippy cups.


8:45AM-10:30AM – Playtime

10:30-11:00ish – 1st Snack. Banana bread, cereal bar, yogurt, spinach muffin or green monster with some milk

11:15AM-1:15PM – Naptime (I hope everyday that it’s a two hour nap but usually is anywhere from an hour and 15 to an hour and 55 minutes.

1:30ish – Lunch time. I like to try and have lunch together which is usually either leftovers, salads (for me), grilled cheese, yogurt, fruit/veggie pouch, fruit, or PB sandwiches (sometime I’ll make smoothies for us to enjoy as well).


2:00-4:30PM – Playtime! We are hoping that this nice weather will stay around so we can get outside more. In the summer we are planning to be outside before and after our naps. Lots of walks to the park as well. Bob is usually home during this playtime so it’s a lot of Daddy/Daughter play while I get the house together (cleaned).


4:30-5:00PM – Dinnertime. This can be anything from chicken tenders to pasta. She is really liking the whole dipping thing so last night we had again chicken dipped in ketchup with some veggies and fruit. I usually give her a few teddy grahams after she eats her dinner.


6:15ish – Bathtime. She loves the bath again and would stay in there all night if she could.

6:30ish – Last sippy cup of milk before bedtime. We started the last milk session with the sippy cup last night as the doctor said to end bottles which I am more than happy to do.

7:00-7:15ish – Bedtime. I am thinking that once summer hits, this will get moved to 7:30PM which again, I would be fine doing as long as she’s sleeping till 7:30-8:00AM.

7:15-7:30PM – I finish my cleaning then fall onto the couch and enjoy some Bob time!!

So that is what a normal day looks like for us. Now, when we shop it’s usually either first thing in the morning (9AM) or after the nap & lunch. Again, Keely is such an amazing little girl and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I love the cuddle sessions and hand holding that’s been going on over here. She’s a little lover. I love my baby girl!!



One thought on “A Day In The Life…15 Months

  1. I Love all the pictures! She is adorable, and such a blessing to our family….:-) Waiting for Grandpa to arrive with our girl for a day of fun….:-) We Love our Keely Girl….:-)

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