Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

It’s FRIDAY!! How excited are you for the weekend, I know I am very excited. I have been in Milwaukee (for a meeting) since Wednesday and heading home later today. Can’t wait to hang out with Bob & Keely this weekend. I have to say, running my last meeting for ANFP was bittersweet. I have made some amazing relationships with vendors, members as well as our meeting team. I hope to keep in contact with many of them. Now onto some favorites from the week…

Favorite Picture


Seriously, can’t get enough of this girl (love)

Favorite Quote

This is perfect for what has happened in Boston. My prayers and thoughts are with all the families.

Favorite Outfit

Perfect for those summer walks in city plus I love her hair.

Favorite Meal

I’ve been making these for lunch lately (BBQ sauce, spinach, chicken, black beans & cheese)

Favorite Place

I ❤ my city!!

Favorite Drink (lately)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Cheers!!


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