Relaxing Weekend

Relaxing Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Over here, it was nice and relaxing. We didn’t have anything planned besides grocery shopping and cleaning. I got home late Friday night from Milwaukee (my last meeting for ANFP…Sad smile) and literally said hi to Bob then headed straight to bed. I was going to workout both Saturday and Sunday early before K got up but decided to sleep in till she got up at 7:30AM. I ended up doing some workouts during naptime (Saturday = yoga & Sunday = treadmill).

Saturday, we headed out to Target after breakfast to get some groceries. It was so nice to see the sun the past two days. Chicago got some crazy flooding from all the rain last week. After Target, naptime/yoga, & lunch we just played and played all day/night long. Bob ended up renting Seven Psychopaths for us and it was really good. Anything with Collin Farrell is good in my books. Smile

Sunday, I ran to Trader Joes right after dinner. Keely was a little fussy (more teeth I like) so she said with Bob at home. After my workout and Keely’s nap, we had some lunch then got some fresh air. It’s suppose to be in the 50/60’s this week so I am planning a few more walks as long as there is no rain.

I have a feeling this will be a pretty emotionally week for me. I am in the office on Wednesday & Thursday to wrap up some last minute things. It’s going to be weird to say goodbye to everyone but I know I will stay in contact with a lot of them. It’s been a wonderful place to work for the past 6.5 years and I will miss everyone dearly. On a positive note, my tattoo should be fully healed by Saturday which means…gym shoes (jogging) again…YAY!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. Cheers!!


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