Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Hope  you and your sweets had an amazing weekend. I so enjoyed my weekend even though I have some crazy things going on with the new job I haven’t even started yet but thinking positive and just keep telling myself everything happens for a reason. Anyways, Friday started with getting my hair done (I went back to a rich brown and covered up the highlights) then I headed into work (ANFP) to wrap up some things. Only half of the office was there and the people that I really wanted to say goodbye to where there which made me happy. After some work and goodbye hugs, I headed to Target to do some grocery shopping for the week. I really love the Target up by my old office. Once I got home and the groceries were unpacked, I headed out to dinner with Erica for some sushi & cocktails. It felt very SATC like and the Cosmo I had was AMAZING!!


Girl’s Night Out!!

Saturday was by far a great day!! I got up nice and early for my first jogging workout in two weeks and let me tell you, it was hard. Then I had a very nice breakfast. It was weird having the whole house to myself but it was nice because I got a lot done. I headed out to my parents around 11:30ish as my mom and I had plans to do a little shopping (her birthday was last week). We headed out to Old Navy & Target (my love) then grabbed some pizza for dinner. It was so great to spend the whole day with my parents & Keely and my mom and I were able to do some Mother-Daughter talking with is always needed. It’s also so cute to see how attached Keely is to my parents. Once K and I got home, I got her ready for (and in) bed then watched How to Lose  a Guy in 10 Days & The Notebook then hit the sack around 9:30PM/10:00PM.


Sunday, I slept in till Keely got up around 7:15AM. We had breakfast together then played outside pretty much all day. I did some yoga while she was napping and it felt good to clear my head and stretch. The rest of Sunday was taken up by baking some banana bread, weekly food prep and reading a new book I got in the mail from a co-worker – Lean In. All and all, it was an amazing weekend and a weekend I totally needed. I will keep you updated on the job front but right now, it’s not looking good (gotta stay positive, though).


My amazing co-workers!!

Have a great week!  Cheers!! 


One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. We had so much fun on Saturday, one of the BEST Birthdays I’ve ever had being with my two girls! Remember, everything happens for a reason, it will all work out….:-)

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