Tank Top Tuesday…part 2

Tank Top Tuesday…part 2

How is everyone’s week going so far? Since warmer weather is starting to show it’s beautiful face, I wanted to give you a few upper body workouts that will have you wearing tank tops in no time. Remember to include cardio & healthy eating as you can’t spot train. Check with your doctor before you start any new fitness or meal plan.

I honestly feel that since I have been doing a lot more yoga, it’s really helped my arms tone up a bit which I totally love. I want to be able to rock some cute tank tops this summer but I also need a little tan as I am looking more fair than normal, darn winter. So here are some good upper body workouts as well as tank tops I am loving right now…

5 minute warm up (cardio) and 5 minute cool down (stretching) plus abs

20 minutes HIIT plus abs

Tank Top Time

Adorable Workout Tank

Tank Top Tie Blouse

Eyelet Tank

Blouse Tank Top

Hope you all have a great day & join me this week in toning our arms! **Work Update: I am heading back to ANFP as a part-time contractor…YAY!**Cheers!!

What fashion are you loving for Spring & Summer? I am loving stripes and feminine tops. I think I will be living in dresses & shorts this summer.


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