Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Happy almost TGIF!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week and gearing up for the weekend. There has been a lot going on in my life so I wanted to write a post this week about everything that I am thankful of as it could always be worse.

1. Keely – she lights up my life! I always knew that your life changes with a child but she has seriously brought a whole new meaning of life to me. Yes, she knows how to push my buttons (already) but I cherish the time I get to watch her grow & explore. I want to teach her to be a respectful, caring & loving little girl and can already see some of those traits coming out in her. I also want to teach her some independence as well as I think it’s very important to have that in your life. I want her to know that whenever life gets her down that I will ALWAYS be here for her. She is my everything!!

IMG_0137                                          IMG_0138

2. Family & Friends – with everything going on right now, I have been able to reach out to family and friends. I am lucky to have such amazing parents that I know will always be there for me and are willing to help me in anyway they can.

3. Sunshine – I’ve missed the vitamin D and we have had some amazing weather lately.


4. Nature – We have a pond behind our house and now that it’s nicer outside, I enjoy going out every morning to feed my little ducks.

5. Exercise – I tend to put a lot of frustration into my workouts which could be a good thing or bad thing but I am thankful that I am able to workout everyday.

6. Health – I am thankful that I am in pretty good health (knock on wood) and will continue to take care of myself. Gotta live long & be strong!!

7. Cohen & Summer – As much as I might complain about them or hate vacuuming everyday, I do love my cats. When I just need some attention, I know I can call them and they will come and give me some affection…ha-ha.

8. Car – I love the Lancer and sometimes a nice drive alone, listening to music is all I need to get me through life.

9. Prayers – I like to reach out to my Grandparents & Uncle Bill to get me through difficult times in my life.

10. Yoga – when in doubt, just breathe!!

Here are two amazing quotes that I have found on Pinterest…

Thanks for reading today!! Cheers!!


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