Muscle Monday…

Muscle Monday…

Hello, Peeps!! Did you all have a good weekend? I am changing things up for this Monday and writing about my fitness plans for the week. Before I begin, I wanted to start with a little rant…if you have noticed, lately in my posts I’ve been talking about things that are going on in my life. I like to pride myself on being a strong person. My Grandma taught me to be strong, to rely on myself and to love myself before loving anyone else. I have taken all of her advice to heart and have always wanted to make her proud of me. Lately (the past month), I have become very vulnerable to things which has made me upset at myself. I have opened myself up to situations I wouldn’t normally put myself in because of what my heart was telling me. As much as I like to listen to my heart, I feel that I completely forgot to also listen to my head. So, this is a new month and I will gain my strength back and continue to listen to both my heart & my head. Because of being vulnerable, I tend to reach out for inspiration (AKA quotes) so here are two quotes that I found over the weekend…

Now, onto my fitness plan for the week…

Sunday – Cardio & Legs (abs at the end) plus 30 minutes of yoga (I can hold my crow for 15 seconds now…YAY)

Monday – 45 minutes of jogging intervals plus abs (plank it out)

Tuesday – Total body plus HIIT

Wednesday – 15 minutes of HIIT plus 20 minutes of yoga (somewhat of a recovery day)

Thursday – Total body plus 1 minute walking (4.0) during each set

Friday – 45 minutes of cardio plus abs

Saturday – Yoga

Hope you are joining me this week for some fun workouts…got to get bikini & tank top ready!!

The finish out the post, here are some pictures from the weekend (which BTW was fun)!!



Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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