Do You Prep?

Do You Prep?

Hey all! So I’ve been doing pretty good with my weekly meal prepping but just recently started prepping my outfits for the week (or at least for the 3 days I am in the office). With a new CEO coming in next week, not sure what her plans are for dress code. Right now, it’s VERY relaxed but I wouldn’t mind if she makes it either business or business casual (I have some white jegging that I am planning on wearing a lot this summer).

Since I was on a roll with my food prep for the week on Sunday, I figured why not pick out my outfits for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I know that I might change my mind but that’s okay. It’s nice knowing that Monday night all I’ll have to do is just get my workout bag ready since I plan on walking during my lunch break. I also wrote down my fitness plan for the week which will make it a lot better so that I don’t miss a workout in the morning. Monday, I did our meal prepping as well. So here are some pictures of things that I prepped on Sunday…


Outfits I am planning to wear this week (Tuesday – blk pencil skirt, blue blouse & yellow necklace. Wednesday – white jegging, navy striped shirt & mint necklace. Thursday – blk cotton dress, pink cardigan & scarf)

 Shoes for the three days…Tuesday – blk pumps (might wear my open-toe ones instead) & Wednesday/Thursday – nude flats


From top to bottom – blk bean & corn salad, chickpeas, spinach muffins, chopped strawberries & cantaloupe (pineapple was cut up on Monday), sliced cucumber and baby carrots.

Do you do any weekly prepping? If so, any suggestions on making it easier?


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