Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

Hey, it’s almost FRIDAY!! Since it’s “college night” I wanted to do a little post about some drinks I am totally loving with all this fine weather we have been having in Chicagoland. In the Spring & Summer, it’s all about nice light drinks on the patio…here are some drinks I have been enjoying…

Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka – it’s so good but I do put a splash of ginger ale in it as it’s a little too strong for this girl.

White Cherry Vodka – I just saw this one and I will def be buying it this summer.

Sierra Nevada

Nothing better than a little Sierra Nevada on a nice Friday night (or any night, really)

Just looking at this one makes my mouth water, SO GOOD!!

Goose Island Green Line

This Goose Island beer reminds me of BASEBALL (WHITE SOX, what!) and going to a great bar after the game, Cork and Kerry’s At The Park

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday & CHEERS to the weekend!!

So, what have (or will) you be enjoying?


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