Friday Facts

Friday Facts

Happy Friday Everyone! Did you all have a wonderful week? Mine wasn’t bad at all and I think it had something to do with the fact that it was beautiful outside and Keely and I were able to enjoy it. We are off and running today with a pretty jammed packed weekend so here are some Friday Facts…

Fact 1: Friday, I heart you!!

Fact 2: I would love for it to stay in the 70’s forever!! This is why I love Southern California so much plus the Whaler rocks my world!

Fact 3: Weekly Target & TJ’s shopping will be made by Miss Keely and I

Fact 4: I wore my white jegging this week and might be in them all summer – so comfy

Fact 5: We have a BBQ on Saturday with tons of toddler friends, should be lots of fun!!

Fact 6: Sunday is my second Mother’s Day so us girls (me, Patty-Poo and Keely) will be grabbing breakfast and doing some shopping

Fact 7: I only changed a few outfits this week…I’ll get better!

Fact 8: I am going to leave you now with a few fun quotes from no other than SATC…Cheers!


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