A Recap Of The Weekend

A Recap Of The Weekend

Is everyone having a wonderful start to the week? Over here, it’s going pretty well. It’s suppose to be in the 80’s today and tomorrow so that’s exciting. I wanted to do a little recap of our weekend…

Friday, Miss K and I headed out to Target to do our weekly shopping. No TJs this week as someone is dealing with a little cold so I didn’t want to keep her out long. Once we were home, we played, listened to music, had a dance party then it was naptime. During her nap, I got some work done then actually watched a little TV. After she got up, again, we had another dance party. The little girl is going to be a dancer just like her mommy…Smile She does some of the funniest things when she dances or “drops it like it’s hot” as we say over here. The rest of Friday consisted of making dinner and watching Silver Linings Playbook (amazing – Bradley Cooper = SWOON!) and This is 40 (I love me some Paul & Jason, it was good but then got boring towards the end…boo!).

Saturday I got up early to do some working out. We were suppose to go to a BBQ but since Keely was still sick, I didn’t want to pass it along to any other children. I ran some errands in the morning then again, we just hung out the rest of the day. Sunday, I got up to do some yoga and get ready. Once we headed downstairs for breakfast, there was a nice little present for me on the counter. Bob and Keely got me a pedicure spa gift and dark chocolate & caramel squares (which are amazing). After breakfast, Keely and I got ready so that we could hang out with my Mom. We went to my parents, opened presents then headed out for the day. My parents & Keely made me this cute frame with Keely’s handprint on it which will go on my desk…Smile All and all, it was a great weekend and looking forward to the rest of the week.


 Quote I found on Pinterest…surprise, surprise…

Have a wonderful Tuesday!! Cheers!


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