Friday Favorites…

Friday Favorites…

IT’S FRIDAY!! How excited are you that it’s the weekend? I am totally stoked!! I had a pretty good week and am looking forward to the weekend.

Here are some of my favorite things that I found/saw this week…

Favorite Picture

I heart this little guy!!

Favorite Place

Redwoods National Park, California (beautiful)

Favorite Quote(s)

The Notebook…need I say more?!?!

Favorite Outfit(s)

I want this outfit so bad!!

This one too!!

Favorite Recipe

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

I made these on Tuesday night and they are AMAZING!!

Favorite Workout

Upper Body Workout

Did this one on Wednesday morning and it’s good!! Arms were hurting.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!!


One thought on “Friday Favorites…

  1. Great Post for Friday….also love all the quotes…and so true, each and every one of them! Love the outfits, would look so cute on you! and Ms. K’s favorite, Panda Bear….Cute! California, family trip sometime down the road….I think so!! Happy Friday….:-)

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