Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hello, Monday!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Our weekend wasn’t bad at all and I am looking forward to the week. Friday, Keely and I had a girl’s night as Bob was working in the city and ended up staying at his buddies place. I must say that Keely was a fabulous date…


Saturday, I got up early for a workout before K got up as we had a busy day ahead of us. Once she was up and breakfast was done, we got ready for Gymboree. She did a lot better in the new class this week and made a few boyfriends friends. After Gymboree, I grabbed some lunch with my friend & Mommy-to-Be, Stacy. Its always a good time when we get together as we just talk for hours. She hung out a little bit at the house with us and Keely was loving her. We can’t wait for her little man to arrive in September.  After Stacy left, Bob grilled up some steaks & potatoes, nothing like a little meat & potatoes. My parents were suppose to come hang out but Al Boy wasn’t feeling that well so we just spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watching some shows…we watched a little bit of this Zombie Preppers show, WOW, some people are CRAY-CRAY!!


Sunday, we slept in then after breakfast, went to Whole Foods to grab some last minute things (okay, my Almond Butter, yes, my obsession!!) After running the errand, good old Mitzy the Lancer got a nice bath. After Keely went down for a nap, I headed outside for my first (outside) jog of the season. It’s been a while and it was a tough one but I made it through it. The rest of Sunday consisted of laundry, cleaning, baking banana bread and just enjoying the day. 


As you can see, Keely and I were having lots of photo fun this weekend!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I will leave you with three quotes I found this weekend…



One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Love, Love, Love all the pictures of my girls! Sounds like you had a Fabulous Weekend!, Sorry Dad wasn’t feeling too good! Grandma needs to have copies of those pictures…adorable!

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