Over the weekend, I saw a survey on Julie’s blog, who found it on Chelsey’s blog about a month or so ago. After reading some of the survey questions, I knew I wanted to put it up on my blog.

The survey is called “currently” and tells you some things I am currently loving. Hope you enjoy some of my current favorites…

Current Book:

I have been reading Lean In: Women, Work and The Will to Lead which was given to me from a co-worker. It arrived at the most appropriate time in my life as I was going through some career struggles. It’s a great read for those working mommies…

Current Music:

I have been on a Pandora/Spotify kick and pretty much listen to the following stations everyday: Rush, Oasis, Bob Marley, The Fray, Phish, Christina Perri, Paramore and Nelly. Yes, quite the array of music.

Current Guilty Pleasure(s):

Dark chocolate with caramel & Chocolate Almond Butter (Justin’s)

Current Nail Color:

Any spring/summer color – hot pink, sky blue, emerald, coral, etc. I am actually planning to do a deep red this weekend.

Current Drink:

“Detox” water (water with sliced cucumber, lemon & mint)…so good!!

Current Food:

Anchor Farms Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti Granola…seriously, OBSESSED!!

Current Favorite Show(s):

The Voice & So You Think You Can Dance

Current Wish List:

Skirts…dresses…black & tan wedge heels

Current Needs:

A Massage & Pedicure

Current Indulgence:

IPA Beer & Red Wine

Current Blessing:

My munchkin, she’s the best


Current Outfit:

Right now, I have on leggings & denim shirt dress but I have been loving my denim button down and white jeggings.

Current Excitement:

Spending the next few weekends with family & friends…YAY!

Current Quote of the Day:

Now it’s your turn…

*Current Food?

*Current Favorite Show?

*Current Blessing?


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