The Facts of Friday…

The Facts of Friday…

Happy Friday Everyone!! I can’t believe it’s Friday already, this week has gone by so fast. Things are crazy busy at work now with our national conference coming up in July but it’s always good to be busy. Anyways, onto the facts of Friday…

1. Keely and I will be doing our weekly grocery shopping  (Target today &  TJs Saturday morning)

2. I might take Keely to the free “zoo” in our area after her nap & lunch

3. My Aunt & Uncle are having a little Memorial Day get together tomorrow and I can’t wait to hang with my family

4. I am planning to make a white wine Sangria (any recipe suggestions)

5. I am planning a Saturday morning jog as my jog on Sunday went fabulous

6. I am in need of some new summer dresses (SHOPPING – ASAP)

7. I have started on my blog this week “Quote of the Day” at the end of every post. Who doesn’t love quotes? 🙂

8. I have been on a crazy black bean burger & chocolate almond butter kick (no, not together and NO, I’m not pregnant)

9. I am contemplating rather or not to go back to the gym twice a week to do weights. I would probably go on Mondays & Fridays but right now I am pretty happy working out at home.

10. Lastly, Keely and I wish you an amazing weekend!! Cheers!!

Quote of the Day


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