Do You Like Challenges?

Do You Like Challenges?

Hi Everyone!! Did you all enjoy your long weekend? I know we did over here. We had a pretty busy & fun weekend – Target, zoo & park on Friday, family party on Saturday, cleaning, baking & shopping on Sunday. Here are some pictures from our weekend…


I have a question for you…do you like to challenge yourself and see if you can succeed? I know I do and I usually always try to find a way to challenge myself. I think I am going to start making monthly challenges and see how well I do at them.

For the month of June, my challenge is to only shop for groceries at either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I will go on June 1st to Costco and get the following for the month: Chicken & Ground Meat, toilet paper & paper towel then give myself a weekly budget between $100-$120. I tend to splurge a little too much when I shop at places like Target & Wal-Mart. Now that Keely’s eating is better, I don’t have to worry about getting her things that only Target or Wal-Mart have plus she loves stuff from TJ.

Now don’t get my wrong, I’ll still shop at Target but it will be for things like cosmetics, clothing, cat food/litter, etc. but no more groceries from there. I honestly don’t know why I can’t just go off my list when I shop there but it never happens so it’s best for me to start grocery shopping at places I know I will use my list. I stopped in Whole Foods on Sunday to pick up a few things and just love that place. Yes, its more expensive then Trader Joe’s but they do have more of  a selection then Trader Joe’s.

I am also thinking of maybe taking out $100-$120 from the bank every week so that I can make sure to stay on budget. I think this will be a hard but great challenge for me this coming month plus all that money that I usually spend a week at Target (my grocery bills have been WAY over $200 a week lately – insane), I can put into savings or set it aside for a little day trip with Keely. I will keep you updated throughout the month of June. If you have any suggestions or help for me on ways to save a little grocery money, please send them my way. Wish me luck!!

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What challenge are you going to do in June?


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