Hello, Wednesday! Here’s to another addition of WIAW and WIWT. I hope you all are enjoying my outfits that I have been wearing. I would love to start doing a fashion post once a week but I think I need to be more confident in my style and fashion knowledge. Anyways, here is what my “plates” looked like on Tuesday…

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – Green Smoothie


Mid-Morning Snack – Sliced Apples & Cheddar Cheese (not pictured..FAIL)

Lunch – Healthy Chicken Salad (EPIC), Crackers with Avocado, & Watermelon



Dinner – BBQ Chicken Quesadilla plus chips & guac. (recycled picture)


Outfit of the Day (Tuesday)


Black Pencil Skirt – Forever21, Denim Shirt – Old Navy, Shoes – DSW

Quote of the Day

What was your favorite meal of the day?


One thought on “WIAW & WIWT

  1. Love the outfit! Love the quote!! GO BLACK HAWKs!! GO WHITE SOX!!
    Ms. K and I are having so much fun today….:-)

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