Why Do You Need A Gym?

Why Do You Need A Gym?

YAY for Tuesdays!! I don’t know why but I kind of like them. Maybe it’s because it starts a whole new work week for me or because Tuesdays just rock…ha-ha! Anyways, I wanted to discuss this morning rather or not you need to go to a gym.

I have been into fitness now for the past (probably) 7-8 years. I have always liked being fit but dance was my way of keeping fit until I turned 21-22 when I started at the gym. I use to go pretty much every day and did spin 3x a week so I was in pretty good shape. It’s weird because I actually weighted (about 5-7 pounds) more when I was 22 then I do now but you know what they say, muscle weighs more than fat.

For the past 8 months, I have been working out ONLY at home.  We have a great treadmill and weights plus I have DVDs like Jillian Michaels, TurboFire, Pilates and Yoga. I feel like I have done pretty good the past 8 months, I workout about 6 times a week if not every day and have woken up the next day hurting from the previous day workout.

With bikini season happening this month, I decided that it’s time to get back to the gym. I miss doing certain machines (leg press, leg extension, cables, etc.) and since I get a great month-to-month deal at the park district, why not?.?. I am going right now only two days a week (Mondays & Fridays) once Bob gets home from work. It actually works out perfectly. Keely and I are home all day together then Bob get home and gets an hour to himself with Keely.

I would like to start going on the weekends again before Keely gets up in the morning but the next few weekends are busy with things so I’ll just use the treadmill at home or run outside (which is fine with me). Like I said before, I think working out at home can work for anyone but it is nice going to a gym even if it’s only two days a week. I still get up early every morning to do cardio as it gets me going for the day.  I am also  joining the others with Summer Shape Up 2013 and totally looking forward to the next four weeks. Gina always puts together some great shape up plans and I am dying by the end of the four weeks but it’s SO good!! I hope you all join me on a little summer shape up. Cheers!!

Quote of the Day

Now it’s your turn, do you workout at home or at a gym?


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