Munchkin Meals–17 Months

Munchkin Meals–17 Months

Today, I am linking up to  Brittany’s Munchkin Meals. I love how she does this once a month as it’s nice to see what other toddlers are eating and gives me some meal options as well. Keely has good days and bad days with food. She is a lot like me when I was younger, eats like a bird. I know she isn’t starving or not getting enough nutrients because girl is happy & healthy (knock on wood). She does pretty well at breakfast but lunch and dinner are hit or miss. She also has around 1-2 snacks a day plus milk 3 times a day. Here is what a day of “eats” look like for Miss K.

Breakfast – Green Smoothie, Waffles dipped in peanut butter & syrup, Pancakes with peanut butter, oatmeal (girl loves her oatmeal) plus strawberries, banana or blueberries (she will also have milk and water)


On this day , she had: waffle dipped in a yogurt/pb mix with some strawberries & green smoothie

Morning Snack – Milk or water with either a cereal bar, muffin, yogurt melts & cheerios, or applesauce

 Lunch – PB sandwich, grilled cheese, yogurt, mini pizza, apple slices & strawberries


This day she had: some pizza, apple slices, yogurt, pouch and water (ate all the yogurt & apples and some of the rest)

Afternoon Snack – Usually something small as she gets a little hungry before dinner: veggie sticks, goldfish crackers or yogurt melts.

Dinner – I try to give her what we eat but she is a little picky. Usually it’s chicken or veggie burger with some fruit and veggies.


This night she was a little picky so it was grilled chicken with ketchup, homemade fries & yogurt melts (she has some strawberries as an appetizer…ha-ha), she will also have milk and water.

As you can see Keely can be a little picky at times but as long as she’s happy and healthy that’s all that matters to me. Thanks for checking out Keely’s eats for the day!! We all know I can’t end the post without a few more pictures of the munchkin…


 First thing in the morning, she wanted her boots on…girl knows her fashion…ha-ha


Loving the pigtails and the fact that she likes to look at herself in the mirror (vain, I think NOT) Smile

Quote of the Day



Now it’s your turn, do you have any fun tricks to get your toddler to eat?


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